Getting to know if snapchat is only for girls

Snapchat is an application that has come to stay in this generation. It is a social application, just like many of the common ones you know around. Former students of the Stanford University built it. It is a kind of application that is quite similar to Instagram. There is no way one will talk about snapchat, that he or she will not refer to Instagram, or give a gist about Instagram, because the applications are practically the same. Snapchat usernames operate the same way that the kik usernames operate and there is a lot of similarity among them. People still do say that snapchat is mainly for girls. They might be true, because very busy adults that are ladies will not have time for such applications like the growing girls will. This major factor is one of the reasons why snapchat has been dominated by girls and not men or matured ladies.
This is not to say that the whole community of snapchat excludes both female adults and men. No! These ones are also there, but when one is to compare the population percentage of both snapchat girls and kik girls compared to the overall population. One can say that they are up to about 70% of the population. From observation and some little research, it has been seen that average guys tend to dislike snapchat. Because they see it as babyish. The effects and all the other things in the application might be seen as babyish, but one has to really question him or herself, that are his or her assertions true. The world of technology is expanding day by day and the whole world is experiencing the expansion at the same time. One will find out that even the social media industry is actually utilizing technology in a lot of ways.

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