How Should I Select a Real Estate Company?

Joining a real estate company, whether you joining for your first time, or are contemplating a move, is one and a significant decision which you should make purposefully and carefully. What factors should impact your decision making procedure?

So we ran a survey to be totally truthful, my company did not understand the answer to that question. We found that the vast bulk of representatives select a brokerage for just five reasons and queried half a million real estate professionals, and we have made it our mission to shine in all five areas.

1. Your Company Should Locate You Customers. Join the appropriate company and you will instantly solve the number one issue facing real estate companies now: not enough customers. More than a few companies give their brokers leads, while some do not. Our company does not. You have likely heard the adage, “Buy a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life.” So instead of giving our representatives leads, we educate our representatives the best way to locate their own customers.

We provide our brokers with our web site lead capture technology and our phone, empowering them to create as they are able to work as many customer leads. The typical agent who uses our lead capture technology creates between 80 and 90 customer leads and spends about $250 a month in marketing, or enough results in finish about 3 deals per month.

Yet your company goes about getting you business, make sure and pick a company that solves the “no-customer” issue or you probably will not survive in this business long enough to pick another company.

2. Your Company Should Offer You Productivity Tools. Now, most real estate companies spend a bundle on various tools and software. You ought to look for a company that can supply the tools you must do your job to you. I am not referring to a fax machine and copier after I say tools. I am not referring to a computer that the agents use and can come in. What I am referring to is software like lead capture technology, a web site, and a full-featured client manager program.

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