How to choose a document storage provider in Hong Kong?

If you are looking for a professional document storage company to store your company’s confidential and sensitive information, you must proceed very wisely with your choice. Choosing the wrong company can mean that your documents could get lost, misplaced, copied or damaged, resulting in many problems such as legal and accounting problems, problems that can lead to auditing problems that can snowball into very large issues that will prevent you from doing business normally.
Here are factors you must consider before choosing a documents storage HongKong company.
First of all, you must use a professional company that uses a software program to categorize the documents they store. Ideally, you want a company that uses SAP software to keep an exact record of which document goes where in their storage facility.
Next, you must inspect the storage facility to see the physical condition of the facility. It must be extremely clean, neatly spaced out and using professional equipment like fork lifts and professional storage systems. Even the boxes that are used to store the documents need to be inspected, to see if they are mold and mildew proof.
You must also inquire if the document storage company will schedule pickups from your company. Since your company might want to store new documents that are generated every week, an automatic pick up schedule will mean that your documents are safely taken away for storage on a as needed basis.
The storage facility that you consider should also have excellent climate control. For documents to stay in pristine shape, they need to be in an environment where temperature remains constant, in a comfortable zone. It can’t be too cold or too hot. It is also very important that you understand if the facility will have pest control, as even a small termite infestation can wipe out a large number of documents in a matter of days.

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