How to choose the best crib mattress for your baby?

Buying a crib mattress for your baby is a very important decision that you will have to make carefully, with a lot of thought. This article will help you do just that, giving you pointers on what factors you must consider before you actually choose one that your precious baby will lie on. After all, your baby is going to spend almost 75% of a day sleeping on that mattress, in the infancy stage.
The most important thing you must remember while out shopping for the best crib mattress is to buy a crib mattress and not a non-standard mattress that you will then try to fold to fit into your crib. In other words, don’t buy a mattress that will be bigger than your crib can handle. This is because a baby can easily wiggle its way under these folds and become entangled, not being able to move. There have been horrific cases where babies have even died because of such strangulations, just because the mattress was a bit too big for the crib. The same holds for mattresses that are too small as well. You don’t want a baby’s head to slip between the gap available between the bed and the crib.
You want something that will be very flush with the crib. At the most, there can be only about an inch space between the mattress and crib frame. That is a good fit.
Once this requirement is met, you can then look at various options out there in the market. There are many players out there. Colgate, Sealy, Naturepedic, Heavenly Dreams and My First premium are the most reputable brands out there. There are brands other than this as well, at different price points.
The 100% organic mattresses that are made out of pure cotton or soy foam are the most expensive ones, while foam mattresses are a little bit cheaper.

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