This can be What Blocked Drains Looks Like

First we need to find out what’s causing your drains to obstruct.
blocked sewer happen when unwanted stuff like hair, debris, dust & foreign objects become lodged or trapped involving the drainpipe (in the sink, tub, etc) and the drainage pipe that follow beneath. The first blockage subsequently gets bombarded with increased products like grease, detergents, shampoo and the likes and begins to build up. Over time the blockage becomes denser resulting in hardly any water or no water having the ability to pass through the drainpipe. You simply begin to see this when the sink, tub, shower, etc begins to fill up fast.
Just how can you unblock your drain that is blocked?
Now according to where your blocked sewer is will is determined by the first measures needed to unblock the drains that are blocked.
If you blockage is in a tub or the sink you have to take some first steps to clear the passage ways to get the flow going again. By removing the plug, inquiring beneath the sink, for the sink this could be achieved, directly or you will need to get rid of a nut that fastens the stopper pull the plug out from the u-bend. For the tub you’ll may only find a way to simply take he out stop up, if not in order to get to the assembly, you might have to to take out the overflow plate.
In the event you are capable to see the blockage then you happen to be in a position to remove this with your hands (ensure you happen to be wearing protective gloves). The blockage will usually contain hair, debris, grease foreign objects all entwined in a jam in the drainpipe. Straighten it out leaving merely a hook on the finish in case the blockage is simply out of reach you then can certainly work with a coat hanger. Pull back up once and feed the coat hanger to the drain reached the blockage to bring this closer to your reach as well as the opening.

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