Top 5 tips to help make your Mac faster

Are you getting tired of your Mac’s slow speeds? Has the fun just gone out of working on your Mac, simply because you can’t get your Mac to do simple things quickly? Nobody is going to be motivated if their Mac takes 10 minutes just to open a browser window! Here are the top 5 things you can do to speed up your Mac. By the way, you can get a more detailed explanation of all the tips mentioned below at this fantastic resource site.

First, try installing or replacing your HDD with a SSD. An SSD is a solid state drive with no moving parts. Because there is no spindle and motor to find your disk’s data, the data is accessed extremely quickly, thanks to the SSD’s digital circuits. Just by replacing HDD with SSD, many have been able to speed up their Mac by as much as 100% when it comes to booting and multi-tasking times.

The second thing you can do is install more RAM. Now, depending on your Mac’s model, this may not even be possible as some Mac’s don’t allow you to install new RAM. But, Macs bought after 2009 will usually give you an option to expand or replace existing RAM with higher capacity RAM or at least next generation RAM. For example, the current generation DDR4 RAM will perform much better than RAM of the first or second generation, even if they are of the same size.

The third tip is to remove apps that might be eating up too much CPU and RAM resources on your Mac. Fourth tip is to run free software like EtreCheck to remove spamware and adware that might be slowing down your Mac. The 5th tip is to free up Mac OS partition disk space. We can’t stress this point enough as it can provide results that are very similar to the results you get from installing a SSD on your Mac.

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